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Links: Master Marble/master Glass


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Though I hope I'll find more among the threads I haven't yet read, there aren't a lot of Master threads on the board. When they happen, a wide of assortment of examples might be put in the same thread. So, even though most of the categories below have nothing in them, they are keywords for some of the things you might see in the "Various examples" and "Picture gallery" threads.

Master Marble Company/Master Glass Company (1930-1973)

See also Original Packaging

Various examples and discussions:

Master Timeline

What kind of patch is this one please?

Master Or Modern ?? (many examples in Post #16)


The Master Marble/glass Show And Info Thread

Master Shooters


Master Marble Bag, Is this a rare bag ?

Master Glass Vs. Master Marble

More About Master Packaging

Purple Shooters

Master Brand Names?

Ephemera & Extras:

Master Shooters (postcard)

Master Made Bag


Mostly Pix - Master-made

Brushed Patch:

Master?? (with extra color inside ... is it a sunburst as Roger/Sword44 seems to have suggested?)

Clear/white Marble I Have


Master Cloudys



Moss Agate Type Marbles Akro, Master, Peltier, Alley, who else?


Tiger Eye:

Id Please.., Master Marble? tiger eye?

Mostly Pix - Master-made

Name Game (see post #3)

Crab Claws:


Master Oxblood...., anyone seen any?

Cat's Eyes:

Master Picture Gallery:

The Master Marble/glass Show And Info Thread

Mostly Pix - Master-made


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