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Links: Other Marble Companies


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Rough draft

Other U.S. Marble Companies

Lower profile companies, or companies for which we don't have many links yet.

See also Original Packaging

Highly recommended: http://joemarbles.com/

Heaton Agate Company (1946-1971)

Mostly Pix - Heaton

MM: Heaton article by David Chamberlain

Pretty Aqua (sort of a follow-up discussion to the question in the following thread)

Giant Heaton Swirls?

Jackson Marble Company (1945-1946)

New Jackson Family Members!!!!

Mostly Pix - Playtime

Black & White Swirls (zebras)

Fluorescent Jackson Swirl

Mostly Pix - Jackson

MM: Jackson article by David Chamberlain

Playrite Marble and Novelty Company (1945-1947)

Cairo Novelty Company (1946-1950)

Id Marble Help Please (mountaineer)

Mostly Pix - Cairo Novelty

MM: Cairo Article by David Chamberlain

Cairo Novelty . . .

Davis Marble Works (1947-1948)

Alox Manufacturing Company (1919-1989)

Mostly Pix - Alox Agates

Alox Sunbursts?

Alox Oddity (shoe laces)

MM: Alox article by David Chamberlain

LOM: Today's History Lesson...Alox Toy Company..Long Read but informative!!!

Alox Shooters

Quick Alox Cat Eye Note

C. E. Bogard & Sons

Mostly Pix - Bogard

MM: Bogard article by David Chamberlain


Aruba, Jamaica, Girl I Wanna Take Ya....

Any Collectors Of Kokomo Marbles?, And you thought only pelts were pearlized!

Kokomos Versus Peltier Rainbos

LOM: Pic's added how to repair Old Mesh bags?

Kokomo Examples

Original Kokomo Packaging?

Mid-Atlantic Glass (1987, in this incarnation, to 2002)

Mid Atlantic Marbles?

Marble From Orange County Showw W/ A Little History

Mid-atlantic 9-11 Marble Oddities On Ebay

LOM: Mid-Atlantic Marbles

LOM: Mid Atlantic marbles?

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