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Links: Enduring/recurring Mysteries & Tricky Id's


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Various examples and discussions:

I See These And Am Always Stumped, CAC....Alley....Or Jabo ???? (original pix are gone, but interesting discussion, and a similar marble in Post #9)



I Need Some Id Help With This One

Mushroom patches:

Mushroom Patch (and Red Helmet)

Tri-color Mushrooms

Any Ideas What This Is?

Figure eights:

Anyone Looking For Figure-8's?

CAC vs. Alley

One Of These Is Different., Five are from the same company

A Little Help Please?

CAC vs. Marble King

Id Help Please

Ravenswood vs. Alley

Marble Id Help, White base w/blue swirl


Handmades Vs Machine Mades, who o why do most of you like machine mades so much??? (Post #8 mentions "Leightons" found in German archaelogical digs)

Color-base Variation (often found in Canada)

Akro vs. Vitro

Can You Tell Which One Is The Vitro Imposter?

Peltier vs. Vitro

Newbie Need Peltier Id Help

Marble King vs. Vitro

Bag O' Commons

Jabo vs. Vitro

All Jabos?, I should start selling

Multiple Companies vs. Vitro

Non Vitro " All Reds "

Sparkler types: Akro, Master or Foreign? ... or Alox?

My Finds From Yesterday

New Ones

Mysterious multicolor patches

Who Gets The Credit/blame For These?, Sort of a Rainbow version of a Victory

Red, Blue & Yellow (Superman, etc.)

Just A Show Take A Peek, " da ole cigar box strikes again "

Need Id Help Asap.......

Marble Mail (Vacor serpent and superman/superboy type in the same photo)

Vacor vs. Vintage

Peltier ???????????????????????? (Swirl with deceptive seams)

Id Help On These Shooter Patches Please (Vacor Sunsets)

Citrus Sunbursts (Vacor Sunsets)

Marble Id, Master marble comets? (Vacor types discussed: Cobra, Clownfish)

Funky Vitro? (Vacor Agate and Candy, formerly known as Comet)

Id Help (I would guess that Semdot was correct.)


Little Pretty, ? (Imperial or Vacor is my guess here)

Any more info available?

What Is This? Looks Hand Made, never seen one like this

Does Any One Have One Like This . Peltier (did Ness' marble have a name?)

Id Help Please, (oxblood swirl on brown)

What Is This One, It Is Really Cool.

Only One Of These I've Seen - Thoughts?

Not A Rootbeer Float, what would you call it (is that a Master?)

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