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1939 New York Worlds Fair


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A gift from the love of my life this Christmas. I love these Fisher (Some stamped Vitro) Jewel trays. They are fun to collect as there are different color of mibs, 2 finishes (smooth and hammered), Worlds Fair ones, and I believe 2 sizes.

Really fun to look for!



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Hey Di, if you use Barkeeper's Friend, just a little, deluted and VERY gently, you can ease off the tarnish very gradually until you hit the degree of tarnish that you like. Practicing on a random piece of brass will give you a feel for it, as it's very easy to go too far, too fast!!

and I believe 2 sizes.
Yep, that's right!!

NICE tray (and a great color!!! :D )

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I don't know for sure about the World's Fair Tray... I know that Bev Brule had a tray in it's original box... My memory may not be correct and I'll have to check it out... But, I *think* it was a World's Fair Box with a large size tray... The tray was not pressed with a World's Fair logo, but it had alternating red, white & blue shooters... I don't remeber ever seeing a pressed tray in the large size.

Yeah, 5-6" sounds about right... I can get a picture, if I can remember where the large one is... :blush:

I'll see what I can do about answering all.... Steph, keep reminding me!!! LOL

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Sorry, am a little late with the thank you for what to use to clean up my Jewelers trays. so thanks:>))

will look for the product and try the out.. My 2 from the Worlds Fair have a little tarnish in the center ..

Neat to have one in it's original box. ncie color marbles too.


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