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If you could only save one of your ceramic marbles, which one would you choose? lol

No seriously ... anyone have any nice ceramics they'd like to show off. With all the scares about the fake chinas and modern bennies, it would be nice to celebrate some "real" ones.

edit: actually, what I wanted to ask about was Pennsylvania Dutch china marbles but in case they were too rare I decided to broaden the question. Anyone here even have one of those, picture or no picture?

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I have some great ceramics!! But, the primary one that I happen to have a picture of is this Penn. Dutch...

To answer the question.... Hmmmm, if I could only keep one?? I dunno..... This would certainly be a finalist.... Measures 1¾"

post-3-1204778099_thumb.jpg post-3-1204918314_thumb.jpg

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I had some questions about the Penn. Dutch and a request for more pics... I added that above.

But, while looking for it, I found this one with it.... Very similar to a "scenic" but with an odd design instead.... Measures 1-5/8"


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