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Good Marble Pics


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Trying to hone my skills on the picture part of marble collecting

Pics tell the true story, good pics that is,, :Emoticon-jawdrop:

Pics Sell :wub:

If this is out of line, Please remove

Just want an opinion, what do you guys think, What can I do to improve on these???









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Hi Tim,those pictures are great!! ,I can see right in the marble.The only thing I can think of that might improve on the selling angle would be a template.Instead of a square picture you would have a round picture and only the marble is seen,no background.The most sucsessful sellers on ebay IMHO use a template .Programs that have a template like that are out of my price range,my price range is really cheap.Hey does anyone know where we can download a circular template,in my price range ,free? Seriously Tim those are great pictures,I hope to see more soon.Thanks Bo :D

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Hi Tim. I think they're great photos too. I find it especially difficult with the latticinos because you want to get the detail of the outer bands & get all the crisp detail of the inner core strands.

Getting the lighting just right is the hardest for me...still practising :doh: but I find an all white or all grey background helps

Nice marbles too!

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Thanks all!!!

It's a camera I have had about 1 yr,

Bought a little 8" tripod for these kinda pics

The only way I have found to get them crisp & clean



It's a Sony Cybershot

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Tim, those look great too!! I think if they were mine, I might brighten them just a little bit...

Here's one of yours from above, run through the round cropping program of "Picture It 7.0" I also brightened it just a teeny bit...

Picture it came with our computer, from Dell... I've heard it's pricey to buy, but check and see if it may already be in your program files.


This is from the newer batch... Brightened, with a dash of contrast...


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That white background when enhanced certainly makes the pics look more striking, probably more saleable, but still I like the sincerity of the original pics and somehow they look more crisp. With the lighting you have available, are you able to extend the depth of field (maybe a smaller aperture?), to get the core and outer both really sharp? I have tried a few times to photograph my marbles using different conditions and still not happy with results. Yours still look great, good luck with any improvements.

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Thanks Sue, they do look better

I makes me mad,, I hava a Photo-Shop program I purchased a few years ago

To make business cards, and it was with it

I can crop them by themselves, but can't save them

It's frustrating

Worked OK with my Old XP computer, But my new Vista computer????

Any way,,, Thanks to all for the support and ideas :Cool_653:

Tomorrow, I'm going out side for light, and try that B)


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