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Speaking Of Akro Loose Ends ...


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The winners for the Akro prize name contest were to be announced in the June 1930 issue of Boys Life.


Anyone know if the announcement was made? and if so, what page number?

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Yes, that's what I heard. But there's the matter of prizes promised. I hoped that even if no new name were adopted, the prizes were given out. And the winner's names announced. Good faith, good PR, and all that. No?

I was curious to see if the winning suggestions would be announced also, but I at least expected the prizes to be awarded. unsure.gif

Plus, Al once said he thought the announcement had been made, since the June 1930 Boys Life was on his list of magazines with marble references. IIRC.

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Yesterday I noticed that my copy of the magazine begins with page 3. I started to wonder if the announcement was on page 1 or 2.

But now I have questioned multiple eBay sellers of Boys Life magazines about whether their issues have a page 1, and so far none do. It appears that the cover was considered page 1. So my copy seems to be intact.

I've been through the mag three times now, and still see nothing from Akro! If it's there, I must be looking right past it.

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I forgot about this thread. Here's an update which I mentioned in another thread when I stumbled onto the Boys' Lifes at Google Books. (What is the plural of Boys' Life?)

Apparently the winning name was Fire Opal. Not sure how that related to corkscrews but .....

Announced two months later than expected:



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The contest rules said "In presenting to our juvenile customers this beautiful new line of marbles, we have been at a loss to find a suitable name to describe them, therefore we will put it up to our boy and girl friends to give this new marble a name."

But in the end they ignored that part. Awarded the money but didn't use the winning name, or not for these marbles. Kept calling the marbles Prize Name. Funny choice!

Akro does have a Fire Opal of course. Were they thinking of young Paul Chadbourne when they named those?

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