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  1. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    I think brain oxbloods have that circle
  2. eBay was more fun back when we could watch everyone’s bids and see who won
  3. wouldn't you rather have this for a buy it now, 300 ? at least you know its all original. Seller is trustworthy https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Akro-Agate-Marble-100-CT-No-0-Glassies-Box-of-Marbles/222796569608?hash=item33dfb5dc08:g:egoAAOSwZ3BaW~0V
  4. gamble auction

    sold $85.00 w/ 19 bids
  5. What marble do you really want, focus on that instead of impulse buys
  6. How many have flea bites and chips? I hate these types of ebay listings.... top left is definitely damaged, bottom middle looks to have a a big spot. I'm guessing maybe 2 out of the 6 would be keepers
  7. what is it?

    15/16 and the ebay auction is starting at $500 another lofty dreams auction, but interesting marble https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marble-15-16-unknown/263432462565?hash=item3d55cc60e5:g:rxsAAOSwtBdaWHaD
  8. the color of the glass is not CA, there is a pic somewhere that shows most of the CA colors. I will try and dig it up, its a pic of dug fragments from the factory, marble halves etc.
  9. onionskins

    This lot is on ebay right now $850 starting bid I'm almost tempted to bid, would be a nice group to own 3/4" https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-30-ANTIQUE-TOY-ONIONSKIN-MARBLE-SINGLE-ROD-RUN-WOW/302589944415?hash=item4673c4225f:g:7j4AAOSwke9aTj0y
  10. $868 ??

    This lot sold for $868 unbelievable.
  11. Indianapolis Show?

    Next time get dog sitter or kennel.
  12. Indianapolis Show?

    did you get lost in marble land?
  13. Beginner "must have" list?

    Focus on one thing, one manufacture and get the best you can afford instead of buying bulk i would recommend akro Popeyes and silver oxbloods , get all the colors and then go to the 3/4 inch size Must have list to start corks popeyes oxbloods slags Pettier comics
  14. Indianapolis Show?

    It took griff like 18 hours one year to get there from penn due to snow... we are like deadheads, nothing will stop us from the marbles !!
  15. Post Some 9's

    wish i owned this babe