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  1. They were made for jewelry and other decorative uses
  2. $868 ??

    Lutzes make a comeback!!!! Yea!!!! I'm going to be rich!!!
  3. Display Case

    I would highly recommend Phil Thomas. He's been making cases for years. I must have over a dozen of them, from small ones I carry around to shows to larger pieces. Great work!
  4. I had someone break my car window once and the only thing they took was a small package with a banded lutz in it that was going to the Post Office the next day.
  5. Beginner "must have" list?

    Absolutely correct. Buy the best possible example you can. It's better to have a small collection of truly outstanding examples than a mass of mediocre ones.
  6. Indianapolis Show?

    I've been to Indy a couple of times, a number of years ago though. Definitely a good show to get your feet wet
  7. If you take a chicken sulphide, and plant it in the ground, then the next morning you should have a beanstalk to climb :-)
  8. It's just an ole paperweight

    "Gift Shop" paperweight, probably 1970s or early 1980s. I think it may be House of Glass from Indiana.
  9. I think anyone who approaches marble collecting as an "investment vehicle" is on a fool's errand. There are a number of formidable barriers to surmount to achieve any kind of meaningful return while minimizing your risk, that if this your primary goal in collecting, then you are going to be disappointed. Amongst these are barriers to entry due to highly specialized knowledge required, high transaction costs, thin resale market, etc. IMHO people should collect marbles for the beauty and the joy of collecting. If they happen to appreciate in value then that's a bonus. I've said in my books for the past 20 or so years, don't buy it unless you're willing to put it on your shelf and look at it for a long time. There are a lot easier and less risky ways to earn a return on your investment funds than with marbles.
  10. Value is going to depend on whether it is less than 2" or more than 2". About 2" doesn't help too much. Over 2" would add about 20% to the value. The figure detail in this one is above average, although it is set off-center and there is a shallow air bubble at the trunk. I don't see a lot of damage on it, but the images are blurry. I think Al's price assessment is a little low.
  11. Veiligglas Original Packaging

    West Germany would indicate 1989 or earlier
  12. Paperweight Maker?

    press-paper (missing the accent marks) is French for paperweight. The weight is not French. The color of the frit indicates the weight is Bohemian, Silesian or Czech (that general area). Early 1900s looks like the correct date
  13. Large handmade "Ebay"

    The air bubbling under the surface and the striated parallel lines in the surface are indicative of a remelted marble
  14. And nice to see my statue survived the shipping intact