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  1. New addition to the family

    Nice Dog. If anything like my dog, make sure it gets lots of walks and keep sorted marbles off the floor. They wont think twice about coming over to play when you least expect it
  2. Sorry if I missed it, but what's the size?
  3. Christensen or alley flames

    If that's green aventurine on the blue flame it would most certainly point to Alley
  4. Underwater marble photos

    Once located, find a camera, and a decent host site, I'll see what I can do.
  5. Name that flame!🔥

    Based on the translucency I'd guess Alley. And yes sometimes a fold/pattern can look like a turkey head, and sometimes it's the color combo that leans towards a certain manufacturer. Not a cut and dry ID unfortunately
  6. what the..

    It must be the $12.50 shipping, what a bargain!
  7. Three color latticinio

    I've found this forum and knowledge from other seasoned collectors as being helpful. Completed auctions on eBay can give an idea of what somebody paid, but values are soooo subjective. For example, without seeing the marbles in hand, or else a bunch of highly detailed pictures, some people might consider those above marbles to be contemporary and not value them nearly as high as a vintage marble (not saying that's the case here). Marble shows are a good place to get input. Show them to a couple people and see what they say. In my opinion this community is pretty close-knit and a consensus might be reached in terms of rarity/value.
  8. Alley and Mk postulate

    My 2 cents worth, is they look a lot more like twisted up Marble Kings than Alley. Seems to be a lot more distinct separation between the red/green/yellow/blue and white. But I think that's what you're getting at ...glass recipes vs machine they were made on.
  9. Do you think these are "vintage"?

    Out of the 3 batches pictured, I'd say the majority of non-vintage marbles are in the third batch
  10. Subtle but Eye-catching Nudity

    LindPW, can't fault your pictures, focus/camera looks better than I can dig up with my 5MP
  11. Subtle but Eye-catching Nudity

    Here are some larger handmades, no outer decoration or banding, which are sometimes referred to as 'naked solid cores'. I'd consider "naked" latts to be less common
  12. Got a set that needs names!

    #3, I agree #6, I'd go with Alley based on the tone of blue, but hard to say #7, Steph might have nailed it, although I wouldn't have guessed that from the first pic #9, most likely a CAC, and even the 'elusive' turkey from the second angle Nice group overall!
  13. Subtle but Eye-catching Nudity

    Nice! I remember seeing one a while back but missed out. Wanted to get a yellow one too. Ended up finding a white Latt with a few fine outer yellow bands but that's as close as I've come (the yellow bands only cover ~2/3 so it looks kind of naked from the right angle)
  14. Peltier?

    hmm... is Master a possibility? (re: the wispy white) Kind of hard to tell what's going on with that thing. What's the size?
  15. Any luck yardsale-ing or antiquing?

    look at the size of the Mica in the green one. Interesting grab bag, 5 total? What'd the rest look like?