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  1. lol, yeah I remember those days.
  2. gamble auction

    So no other pics available when the auction was running? Bottom right looks interesting
  3. CAC flames

    I'm with you on that, sweet marble. Lots of action going on there
  4. A few Akros

    Nice popeye score. Really falling for the last one too.
  5. OK, hard to notice and probably a glass formulation thing but finally got a pic of it . One of my favorites
  6. Post Some 9's

    UV nine, only one I've seen
  7. If you focus on the construction more than the colors (and really simplify things) you could draw a similarity that sunbursts and onionskins both have a "pole" at either end, and streaks of color running from pole to pole. That might be over simplified for some people, lol.
  8. Post Some 9's

    Trying new photo host. See if this works (9's on bottom row)
  9. Same "run" patch variety

    A while back I had a pic of Akro patch "run" that went from a pattern of green/white/rust to green/white/oxblood to show variety. See if I can find it outside of photobucket.
  10. Hand Gathered

    Common pattern and color combo for this type. The 'nine' pattern is characteristic of hand gathered marbles. Top left pic shows the cutoff. A member here spent a lot of time looking at these types and trying to characterize the cutoffs, but I don't think it ever really narrowed down manufacturer or origin. It was still an interesting study though. From my experience they are more often found in collections/groups originating from Europe or Canada (compared to US), and mostly ~5/8" size. Of course, there are going to be exceptions to both these points. Hope this helps
  11. E-Bay Peltier Auctions

    Wow, there's a few handles haven't heard of in a while. Always good to see your posts RAR.
  12. Large handmade "Ebay"

    Thanks for insights Alan. I'll stick with my opinions/thought process, just as I'm sure you will yours. That's fine. No conclusion was reached on my part, just random thoughts for discussion. However, based on your logic, do you think the other two examples mentioned in this thread are also 'not right'? Do you think they were made earlier than my estimate? Are all marble makers able to handle marbles/canes/tools with the same level of expertise?
  13. Large handmade "Ebay"

    it doesn't appeal to me the way $9K does, but it's all subjective. re: pontil, flat spots, condition, etc: agree that there are a few things that are unusual (making it an unusual marble). Some of the later German handmades don't have the same fit & finish on the pontils as the earlier ones. I 'm saying later due to the bold colors. There aren't too many examples of later ones I've seen in this size Big marbles like this would be hard to handle and tongs could have been used, unfortunately making indentations or flat spots. The large size (mass) is also prone to deforming, cold rolls etc. My understanding is a wooden tool was sometimes used to make it more of a sphere which helps the shape but not the low areas like cold rolls and indentations. I've got no skin in this game so merely my 2 cents for what it's worth
  14. See anything interesting in this bunch?

    That sounds a bit scary, hope they pack everything well so nothing gets damaged
  15. Lattacinos

    They look to be old and original antique German handmade marbles. Probably 100 years old +/- 20 years. Value range is subjective and higher prices are generally for unique colors/patterns/sizes. And condition plays an important factor as well.