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  1. Why does Waldo where Stripes?

  2. Why does he where spots? . . . . . Because he does not want to be spotted. FYI this is marble related because when we see spots we think of marbles and if you don't then your not normal.
  3. Marbles from a settlement

    The ebay sellers name is "boimeddoctor" and they all all sold as a group heck of a deal 600.00 like I said a fool and his money are soon parted LOL
  4. Marbles from a settlement

    Definitely buy what you like and enjoy them. I saw they are listed on eBay
  5. Marbles from a settlement

    Actually while these marbles are basically worthless I think as a group they would bring more than 20.00 on eBay. The red, white and blue one is very eye catching. That with the fact that a fool and his money are soon parted means there will be bidders
  6. Marbles from a settlement

    These are not old German Marbles, I consider them Older contemporaries.
  7. 2017 Des Moines Marble Show

    What's a Marble Show? Is it it anything like a movie show? Is this where I everyone goes to find the marbles that they lost? how about some marble jokes?
  8. eBay Buyer Beware of this auction

    You can report the auction to eBay. There is a link in the auction that says report
  9. Knuckles down

    Great picture nice find
  10. Time for a Moon/Moonie thread

    Sure we do
  11. Board support auction (ongoing)

    Ok I think I one this group of bennys how do I pay? thanks
  12. Board support auction (ongoing)

    When I was a young boy I was in the garage with my dad and the clock showed 11:11 my dad said I don't know what that means but it means something. I thougt that's silly it means it's 11:11. Now that he has passed, every time I see 11:11 I think of him. And Now I know what it meant. So 11.11 on the Benny's .
  13. Topics being removed

    I posted a new topic about the canton marble show twice and both times it disappeared. Am I missing something?
  14. Canton marble show

    How was the show ?
  15. Inquiring minds want to know 😀