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  1. My Thanksgiving feast

    I saw those, they're fantastic! I keep coming back to this post take another look to make sure I didn't miss anything lol, you sure got some beauties in that pack.
  2. My Thanksgiving feast

    Wow!!! That would be an excellent surprise , congrats!
  3. Color challenge thread

    Beautiful rich browns! Next up: how about Red, White and Black
  4. My newest keeper!!

    Wow! Congrats!!
  5. Color challenge thread

    The brown is metallic, but still a brown! Next up, a marble with majority brown and any color combo. Let's see some brown mibs.
  6. bought me some flames

    In my opinion, you can't be stuck on anything for too long lol. I've been stuck on Akros for maybe fifteen years now? Still love them. There are always surprises. Even though the peak of the company is long gone by almost a hundred years. Collect what you enjoy.
  7. bought me some flames

    Those are great! And that blue really is an eye catcher
  8. New marbles in the last few months

    Thanks Winnie! plenty of little dings and flea bites, but still perfect enough for me Mikie T, they're all from the Akro Agate Co. , they're my favorite.
  9. Color challenge thread

    Brown and green, tough combo (for me anyway, I'm sure Jabo's could pull it off easily ) ! Next up: Green and black
  10. Color challenge thread

    This is probably my craziest Oxblood Next: how about the bubbliest base you have
  11. Color challenge thread

    Looks great!
  12. In LOVE <3

    Thank you! I'm still carrying it around and looking at it lol