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  1. I've heard random people call similar looking Peltier's, Bloody Rainbo's .
  2. Ah ok I definitely see the textured drizzle on the surface . Unfortunately I don't own any examples with that effect . Nice ! Sloppy looking marble , kinda crazy .
  3. I wish I knew what drizzly looking marble looked like ? I believe a lot of members missed this posting ...
  4. Oh ok I see . I haven't seen any of these. Nice looking for sure .
  5. Hi , Mr. Schmoozer can you post a pic of your rare Akro snake ?
  6. Astonished to hear that is only a small percentage of your collection. I can only image the overall beauties you have stored away .... Amazing !
  7. Nice , very nice collection and display setup Ron . Hard to beat your passion and dedication for marble memorabilia and the some ...
  8. Hi Ron , I'm very curious to know what sizes are your largest and smallest on Hand made German and machine made marbles ? Sorry , just dying to know ... 🙂
  9. Not in mint condition but they are the only examples I have of this type . They are an eye catcher for me ...
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