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  1. Robwell

    These too

    Thanks. I appreciate you.
  2. Robwell

    These too

    I found my notes. CAC is only ones that made slags in peach. Their chemist was only one to achieve true peach easily recognized.
  3. They are all red, white, and blue. (Does look green) Im not seeing deep transparent section but I'm still mostly blind. Thanks
  4. Robwell

    These too

    I hear you. I was mainly thought processing out loud. You cant use gold because Lutz and peach attrbutes to CAC. I guess it does look like ambers on a vehicle and yes that's a good catch all, amber. Thank you.
  5. Robwell

    These too

    OK thanks. Amber would rightly apply I believe. Is CAC that only made peach...somethings? Only one manufacturer attributes to the color peach used in ? Swirls? I can't remember,... One manufacturer peach...once u see it, easily recognized is in stilled in my memory... I know enough to know nothing but I know! Lol! This is great isn't it!? Super fun!
  6. Robwell

    Any help

    Thanks. I have been working on pics and some how they got wiped out! So yes I will work on better pics. Lol! Even though I want to just bawl and cry. Hee he.
  7. Think this may be another view. Thanks guys as always
  8. Robwell

    These too

    Here some more pics also. Maybe they will help. Yes I'm thinking slag would you call that amber, peach, honey? First thought was gold...?
  9. Robwell

    Any help

    Maybe these extra pics will help. I'm still new sooo seams on these I don't see or a pole? Like where do they start/stop how do you tell?
  10. Robwell

    These too

    Couple more about 9/16". Both have swirls that come out of marble onto surface.
  11. Robwell

    Any help

    Here is a couple I need help with please. They are about 9/16". First one swirls surface and subsurface into the marble. Second one is transparent with opalescent patch that is on surface and inside also with two Lt blue thin strips on edge of white on surface.
  12. Wow I didn't know you could get them so cheap! Oh yeah that's real hot come to think about it. I have some with same condition that are not glass to try to explain my ignorance. Think I may have a bad pic but you can still see. Got these with some clays don't believe they are glass. So ? Doesn't matter it's damaged really huh? Thank you!
  13. OK I didn't see that coming. Thanks!
  14. I have several marbles with this seemingly broke off piece of wood. Almost looks like a broken toothpick. Logic says cane but what is a Putney rod? Also without calipers is this best why to measure as close as you can?
  15. I don't know if these are Patriots.
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