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  1. Wow I didn't know you could get them so cheap! Oh yeah that's real hot come to think about it. I have some with same condition that are not glass to try to explain my ignorance. Think I may have a bad pic but you can still see. Got these with some clays don't believe they are glass. So ? Doesn't matter it's damaged really huh? Thank you!
  2. OK I didn't see that coming. Thanks!
  3. I have several marbles with this seemingly broke off piece of wood. Almost looks like a broken toothpick. Logic says cane but what is a Putney rod? Also without calipers is this best why to measure as close as you can?
  4. I don't know if these are Patriots.
  5. Robwell


    Thanks Steph! Ur post Seams, Cutlines and Poles has helped me more than anything else I have found. Thanks I had a couple right!
  6. Robwell


    If I could get help with these and see if I know Anything!?! I appreciate it guys.
  7. Yes they are all fun. Thanks
  8. So it's probably worth less than a dollar? What would you call it? It's not a mag-light...not a glowie, etc? Jekyll and Hide( Hyde)?
  9. This is a solid black marble about 1" until you hit it with a flashlight! The colors are deep and almost holographic in the light. It draws you in simply stunning. No marks I can see anywhere.
  10. Robwell

    Be fun

    Thanks guys. Any idea what it's worth? A dollar?
  11. Robwell

    Be fun

    This one 5/8" and looks black until further examination. It's transparent green with oxblood maybe. Definite color swath that's not transparent.
  12. Robwell

    Old swirl

    Also has mark opposite pole. What is that mark ?
  13. Robwell

    Old swirl

    I was thinking I had obtained this around 1985. The more I try and remember the more I'm not as sure as I was. Also a suggestion a left 9. Idk?
  14. Robwell

    MFC "9"

    It's lil less than 1" and is stunning! Last two pics bad but maybe you can see lines/detail. Is that a "9"? Thanks guys.
  15. Robwell

    Old swirl

    This one is about an inch. It seems perfect no flaws of any kind. How many colors does it have? Does have a shear mark? Is that right?
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