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Remember This One?


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Remember this one?


Now these:



I don't go out of my way to look for items connected with that first seller. They just keep popping up.

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That seller has been selling a lot of fantasy boxes, but in an aboveboard manner.

I was actually surprised to see that the body of the listing didn't say fantasy.

Many of their listings do.

Um, I remember one listing awhile back which didn't say "fantasy" in the body. One of the first I noticed from them. At least I think it was this seller. The q&a was very interesting. Someone asking about the condition of the box. The seller saying they didn't describe the box because it wasn't important since it was a fantasy box.

Then maybe four more people saying please describe it anyway, why do you think it's fantasy, it sure looks real.

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As noted above - the cardboard box is definitely new. It would be helpful if creators of such boxes would stamp he inside the the lid in ink with the year of it's creation (the name of the person or company creating it would be even more noble). I can't think of any reason to NOT permanently stamp them.

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