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"101 Uses For Marbles"


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I was up the other night and heading to my marble cabinet to fetch some Jabo's. One of my uses for marbles is for an almost spiritual, or meditation purpose that I use to help deal with my day to day crud. While we all know that marbles is a great game to play, there are some uses for marbles that some people out there may not know. I thought this could be a neat round robin where people can reply in this topic and add their uses for marbles, be they common or uncommon. Also for some out there to post some history or rarely know facts about how marbles have been used in the past. And finally for some to speculate, "with sound reason" how marbles might be used in the future?

Maybe if we get enough information, maybe 2010 uses? maybe 2million uses?, we could put all the contributer's names on it and have it published somewhere in a book. Fully realizing I don't know the first part of the legality of such a thing, we would definately have to have "From the Marble Connection" referenced somewhere in there! Afterall this board rocks! :)

So let's have fun and don't be afraid to post something that you think everyone knows already, it's all about the fun and learning aspect for those of us, (like me) who could always learn a bit more. And what better place to learn than from each other?! God Bless you all!


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I haven't counted how many there are here now:

Whaddaya Know About ... Industrial Uses For Marbles?

I still have more to add though. Plus some more background info on some of the uses already there. For example, Edna mentioned putting red marbles in chicken feed to encourage them to eat. I was puzzled by the reference to a specific color but I found out more about that. Something about a bright color to catch the young chickens eyes -- maybe to actually teach them to eat. I need to find where I put the article on that.

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Keeping doors open or anything like that would only be a bonus. The only reason I wrote this, "with sound reason", was to discourage the jokers out there from saying things like, "In the future mibs could be used for glass eyes of people that were born with very small eye sockets." And other such nonsence. I wanted sound knowledge, which is knowledge that the average person could reason and say, "Hey yeah, I can understand that may work." That's all.

My thought at the time was just to include what mibs were used for in the past, what current uses they have, (even odd ones like mine) and to keep a full spectrum in the discussion to include what ideas mibs would be used for in the future. Past, Present and Future just kinda go together, ya know? hehe But if we can help any of the companies out there all the better. This was just something fun and informative I thought we could do together. I hope we have lots of posts.

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