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Flag On The Play?


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Somehow this one didn't sit right with me, but I don't know enough to say why. Just looked like another one of our classic examples of some kind of outrageousness.

(Although the seller's been a member since January 15, so maybe I'm just paranoid!) Any comments? Thanks, Bob ( :


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The cateyes are certainly not turn of the century. And there is an akro patch in there probably from the digs, vaseline glass and red. Well past the turn of the century. I've seen dates for Benningtons of 1900-1910. the two German handmades could have been 1850 and more recent - turn of the century. Not sure about the stones, some look very much like the Atlanta marbles that really are not marbles. Edna

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Edna's certainly right about the machine made marbles... I think the "stone" marbles are just simple unglazed chinas or clay....

The bag is NICE!!! (Though, probably more like 1930's than pre-century)

I'm thinkin' this is probably a real-deal estate sort of thing, that's been handed down, acquiring items (and, probably losing items) along the way...

Saying it's "pre-1900" is an inaccurate stretch, but I can understand the "not-really-dishonest" reasoning behind it...

It doesn't appear to have been an intentional misrepresentation.

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Maybe I could get my eyes checked, but I'd wager that some of those are fitting the description of pre-1900.

Pre turn of the century is what it reads to me. Pre turn of century means...well sometime before a turn of the century. Kinda vague. :Sad_headshake_tweetz:

No comments on the marble that I thought would have the most comments..

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