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Melon Patch


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Don't think you could have done better with the non-name! Those are some sweet greens!

Think there's any relation to this one? This is a pee-wee that doesn't have the nice darker green areas that yours has. Also the fine lines are more defined in the photo than in hand. I guess I thought the 'specks' looked similar. (Hopefully the experienced people here are friends for the most part and won't laugh me off the face of the planet for that last statement!) Cheers, Bob

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Hey Bo...I think the 2 you have are Imperials. (IMHO)

Bob........maybe your's is an Alley or Champ ???

Those are fun Imperials. You can find aventurine on/in the

older ones. Seems like I found more on the older ones I

have vs. the newer ones.

Bob......all I can really say about yours is that LOOKS

like aventurine in your pics. Here's a Champ of mine that

has some green aventurine in it.



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The prominent crimp looks Imperial to me. Imperials are generally thought to be from China.

Here are some of mine. The white based one is thought to be Imperial. It has a lot of aventurine. Some of the others have stereotypical Imperial crimps. Different greens but your green is also right for Imperials. Mine have some clusters of what looks like it should be aventurine. I'm not catching sparkle tonight but the light is bad.

(click to enlarge)


Here's one from a Master box. Not mine. Supposedly a lot of aventurine though it didn't show up well in the pic.



Gratuitous Master photo. icon4.gif If we need a reason, let's say the green one is aventurine.



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Great pics Steph.The only way I can get good pics of aventurine is in full sunlight which has been in short supply till just this weekend.Imperials from China,interesting.They sure are pretty ,aventurine 360 degrees ,cool colors and the price was right.Looking at your pics I think I need to go thru my stuff again,I have passed alot of those types by.Thanks again for the info.Bo

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