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Value And Rarity Question On A 2 1/8" Sulphide....


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I got this for what I think is an extremely good price. I am looking for some guidance from the sulphide experts on this one. It measures 2 1/8" which I know is a Rarer size for Sulphides. The figure inside is of a child reading a book, which I believe is also a less common figure. There are some shallow chips and moons as you can see depicted in the pictures, but overall it is in very good condition.

I am not a collector of Sulphide's so I will probably part ways with this one to help fund my trip to the Kansas City Show.I am looking for what you feel feel that fair market value is given it's size, condition, and rarity. Thanks for the help!






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Can't comment on fair market value, but that's an appealing figure and size. With sulphides, a lot of emphasis is put on how well the figure is centered in the glass, and how visible the detail on the figure is (un obstucted by air bubbles etc). If you got it for a good price then I'd expect you'll come out ahead.

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I've always heard that placement is important.... And, I guess, a well centered figure would be more desirable than one that's not... But, I always felt the detail, clarity and marble condition was more important... In this case size is a factor, too....

So, size is great, clarity and detail are good, condition is OK and placement looks a little off... If I had to pick a fault, I guess that would be it....

The real problem getting the answer your looking for is.... Sulphide sales seem to be all over the place... Heck, marble sales are all over the place!!! Taking into consideration, the Leighton style that just sold for $1800+.....

But sulphides have been totally unpredictable for a while now....

Here's 2 examples that kinda boggle my mind....

An Eagle, with the reserve unmet at over $1500!!!

Yes, it's an extraordinary figure in fantastic condition.... I wonder what the reserve was.... :huh:


A coin is a very rare and desirable figure!!

I'm not really into sulphides, but I've had several.... If I'd have thought I could buy this marble for that money, I'd be game.....

Based on the other completed auctions on ebay... I'd think something like $200 - 250?? With the basic low consideration being it's condition (Everything over that seems to be REALLY clean...)

There was a completed ebay auction that looks like a very similar figure with better placement and condition that sold for $316... But I can't open the auction (#190282750125) to see what it's really like

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Stan Block's Sulphide book is a good source on comparable values. He shows that particular one on Page 109. It does not fall under the 'unusual' category so has no 'times' factor. Over 2 inches - near mint would be in $400 + range. Off center has a 20 to 40% deduction. That's all from the book - nothing from me personally.

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I do check Sulphide prices on Ebay occasionally and I can say that the figures go higher than animals. It is a large size as a bonus, but the placement of the figure and the condition takes away from the value. This may not help much but it could go between $100 to $250 and even more, but not less, on Ebay.


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