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Cat Eye's With Holes On The Vane


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i've seen some with bubbles--they look weird because of the reflective properties of the bubbles. i've not seen any with actual holes.

they are probably early Japanese cat's-eyes, which would mean they are not rare, although some of the early single-color 4-vaned ones out of Japan were very nicely made...they had really FLAT vanes that met dead-center in the marble so if you look at them from the "end" where a seam would be, they make a + .

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these are actually holes.. I had looked with my loupe and you can see through them plus compare

where they are on the other side of the vane and see them..

You can see the light coming through on one of the pictures..

there pretty cool looking.. sure caught my eye..

but out of hundreds of my cat's I have never seen anything

like these.. plus they do have lots of bubbles...

thanks again..


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I tried to find mine but I think I may have gotten rid of them. (I know, can you believe it?)

They sorta frustrated me. I remember at least one which had silvery bubbles on the vanes. Probably aqua.

Another definitely had holes, with bubbles going through the vanes. How many? Can't remember. Not a large number. It was green. It was a little bigger than average but not a shooter.

And I never could figure out what I wanted to do with them. The colors weren't quite right for me to want to save them for that. I like vivid and bright colors on my foreign cats. And the green one might have been nicked. hmmm. Can't quite remember but I know I kept going back and forth over what to do with them. I may finally have decided that I was spending too much time worrying about damaged error marbles and I may have put them in a big lot to get rid of so I wouldn't "waste" any more time with them. :blush:

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