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Knowing that Bogard did sometimes purchase Marble Kings to fill their play marble orders ... and Marble King sometimes used Bogard marbles to fill their industrial orders ... I had to look closely. (yeah, even with the bright Vacors in the 6-count bag I considered the possibility that they might be age-appropriate lol)

The rest of their auctions do not inspire confidence though, so there ya go.

How would I go about getting some of that mesh packaging? I kinda like it. Has anyone trademarked the name "Fantasy brand marbles"? That'd be fun.

FWIW, sometimes backfilled packaging can have good mibs.

This was presented as a backfilled bag, but one which still happened to have very nice Champs in it. Just newer (and fewer) than that particular header would originally have been found on:


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The bag on the right in the listing with the MK cat's was probably made over 10 years ago. The guy out of Florida that had the flyer with 53 (or 55?) different fantasy bags (from the mid 1990's) made that type of bags. Obviously fantasy bags in my opinion.

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As usual I feel bad about sounding flip. I wrote to the guy about a couple of the auctions. Mentioned the modern marble kings. He seems open to the information.

I'd forward him a link to this thread so he could get more info, except that I sounded so cavalier! I am intrigued by the mesh bags though. And it would be fun to have some ... just for fun.

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The Vitro Cat's bag of 22 is real. Some of the mesh are probably real mesh, real headers and then filled with marbles and stapled. That's how a lot of those bags came about from the sale when the factories closed - with marbles from the factory until those ran out and then other types.

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I've also heard some reference to a slightly different shape of staple 70 years ago. Whatever is right, having the new ones would prove new, but having the old style wouldn't prove old.

I ran out of staples last night. I have pounds of them somewhere, but where? <_<

So naturally I went to our antique office equipment nook and took out my husband's 1935 Bates Model B. It's totally awesome by the way. Very smooth. It makes the staples as you need them, from a spool of fine brass wire. So smooth. I'm already hooked. I don't want to go back! LOL. If I keep using it though, I'll need this guy's site.

But eneeway ... we saw recently where someone used pre-rusted staples. Shouldn't be too hard to find some old ones.

Hmmm, I suppose we're giving away a lot of hints to those guys who want to fool us ... but is that a reason not to talk about it?

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