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Whats This China?

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I'm sure some has saw these before. I got it from a ebay germany seller saying it was a dug marble. I have several all sizes with hole 3/4 the way through. 1 1/2 inches. This one is nice because it looks like a ball of yarn?????? Was it used on a post or lamp?. Please tell......Steve



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Hi Steve,

I have had a few hollow china spheres. One had several holes that were pierced in it to line up with the painted decoration - reticulated.

I always thought they were for drapery cords or ending some kind of string or line. Yours seem too big for that.



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What color are these? Orange-ish?

"Terra cotta" is term which showed up frequently in connection with imported items at the turn of the last century, and might eventually lead to an answer.

Lots of things were made with terra cotta, if I understand correctly. Many options -- iiuc. For example, garden ornaments.

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