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A Couple Of New Marble Kings


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Here's a couple of pretty cool 3/4" MKs I picked up recently. One of them has a nice little twist in it. And the darker patches are pretty interesting too. One pole is considerably darker than the other, almost looks a bit like oxblood, but I'm not too familiar with the MK version, so I'm hoping someone else might have an opinion or some examples. Any thoughts? Thanks, -Ric


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Cool marbles. The one front left is really nice. And the color on the one front right does look similar to those I showed. But I guess it's becoming clearer to me that there's surprising variation in the MK reds. And I would still like to see a nice picture of an MK with "oxblood" on it. Do they exist - where the "ox" is more than a fine line? Thanks, -Ric


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