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Wvmcc Show

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The West Virginia Marble Collectors Show is saturday. People started arriving yesterday at the hotel for in room trading,buying and selling. Today about 9am, i am taking a small group to Ritchie county,to tour around at about 8 or 9 of the old marble factory locations. Give them a little history at each site,take pictures and give them some local stories about each site. This years show is dedicated to Jabo. A nice 90yr. old piece of wild cherry wood,handmade wall plaque will be give to the person for the best Jabo display. I believe there will be several other special presentations during the show this year. Some very nice items being donated for the silent auction. The WVMCC annual meeting is friday evening 7pm in the hotel host room. WVMCC membership dues for 2009 are due now. A busy three days ahead. For those traveling here,have a SAFE trip and return trip.

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Went room to room last night as always good people and some nice stuff but only found about 20-25 rooms hoped for more but hey still had a good time also went up today,good to see Duffy(Thanks for the Bags),Griff,Dan Grocki and others also thanks to Mr and Mrs Brandstetter! Got to meet Steve Sturtz and Edna for the first time and want to say thanks and hope you like the Vitros!

Bought my second and third handmades one from Sam Hogue and one from Eddie Seese both are beautifull!!


Saw some great displays made by Curt Von Kleist Jr

Now I at home thinking of ALL the other stuff that I wanted!!!!!

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Me and my little one went and had a good time. Thanks to everyone who gave him marbles. Lots of good conversations. Thanks to Steve, Dave, Griff, Duff, Edna and Husband (the name slips my mind), Bill, plus the others whom I don't know personally. Bought marbles but the youngun kept most of them. The floor was slippery due to a certain person rolling marbles across it :). Still looking for that Buckskin/ Custard based Akro. Lots of REALLY nice Jabos.

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how would i get to this show if a man like me was interested? what building is it in? any help for this old man would be greatly appreciated.

BAN PAZCRAZ FROM EBAY AND HERE!!!!!!!! :Computers_comp18:

"old man" Brian you are not, i'm older than you are.


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