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Identifying a marble with a black light isn't an easy thing to do, some say that all old marbles flouresce and that simply isn't true, then again, many common Peltier baseballs will flouresce, as well as many yellows, reds and oranges will flouresce with a salmon/orange glow, green and yellow vaseline glass contain urianium oxide thay glows the typical bright green under UV.

UV light can be a fun tool finding treasures you didn't realize you had but to use it as an identifying tool is probably an arguable subject.

Have fun, take a look at your blue/red and blue/yellow Heatons.

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Modern mibs fluoresce too.

My very brightest might be my very oldest. But I have some modern marble kings which are simply brilliant.

They say about 50% of Christensen bloodies will fluoresce. But that means 50% won't.

And different chemicals could lead to different colors of fluorescence. I even have some glass which fluoresces a fairly strong blue. Some of the blues are modern MK's. One I sold was a vintage jar.

p.s. thanks Alan for the link

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I believe MK and Jabo both use Fenton burmese cullet, I've seen it in the experimentals too so there will be some monern marbles that will flouresce, Cambridge glass had a nice green that flouresces very bright, many people don't even know they have green vaseline depression glass cause they never would think to check all greens. Christensens electric colors flouresce with the salmon glow.

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