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Todays Find

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I was rummaging around under the seat of my Toyota truck this morning looking for a bolt and what did I find? A bag of marbles,there was a large horseshoe several cross- through cats and this really cool four vein cats'eye with tiny bubbles that look like holes.I remember some discussion of this type the other day and now I have one,amazing.Check it out.Bo




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Doesn't that make you wonder when you lost that bag? Or if you didn't lose it, whose was it? Or how long has that been under there?

What a nice surprise to find it. I'm looking for some I lost about 6 months ago and I've looked everywhere. I'm beginning to think they went in the trash. That's been known to happen to me before. Edna

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Yes they are bubbles,I have double checked three times already.Some bubbles go through the vein some are laying on the vein not completley pentrating it.But all the bubbles are in the veins and not the clear base glass.There are alot of bubbles in this marble.I like that name Swiss Cheese ,first of this type I've seen.Bo



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