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A Marble For My Father

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Just wanted to share this with you all, as like it or not, some of you have become family to me. This was made by Ken Schneidereit for me in memory of my father who passed away in '07. His birthday was just last month and he was and will always be a Detriot Tigers Baseball fan, which is the "D" under his name on the baseball mib. I don't have it in hand just yet and I hope Ken doesn't mind me posting his pic, he takes better pictures than I ever could anyway. lol Plus, maybe it could spark a sale or two for him. :) God bless you all.


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Wow!!! Gary, that is SOOOOO Awesome!!!

Not only is it a great memorial to your Dad, but it has a great pedigree, also!! Ken has created some major trophy's for baseball and other sports... Check out his Gallery of Commisioned Work that puts your Dad's trophy in the same league as Ricky Henderson, Mike Scott and Ken Griffey Jr.!!! Not too shabby!!! LOL

AND...... Not only is he a gifted glass artist, but he's also a great guitarist!! Rising Spirit is a beautiful CD of 4 centuries of classical guitar. (I'm listening to it, now!! :) )

On top of all that, he and Sonya are two of the nicest / coolest people on Earth!! LOL

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