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The Glass Addiction Alphabet Contest Auctions

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These are fun to watch. And maybe participate in!

Last year they skyrocketed in the last minutes. It was a sight to behold.


edit: oops I was premature in announcing. I guess I shoulda let Sue but I was so excited to see them! I didn't notice at first that only 30 of the 39 marbles were up. I've peeked over at Glass Addiction now and see there was a problem and they're going to be relisted. It really was a blast last year, and I know that in the stretch it will be again.

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Hi Folks!! No problem Steph!! We'll take all the PR we can get!!! LOL

Yeah... I discovered that trying to fit working my animal rescue league's yard sale and listing 39 GA auctions all in one weekend is biting off more than I can chew!!! LOL

Actually, I probably would have been OK if I wasn't collecting the door prizes too.... We REALLY need a volunteer for that next year... It's not hard at all. Everyone I contacted was great. But.... It chewed up time last week, that I could have been putting into the auctions...

I also worked on designing the ME page to help push the sponsors... I could have done that AFTER I had the auctions listed... I just felt that the sponsors really needed a little more for all they gave...

So... I've gotta run and get ready for tonight... 10 PM EST.... God willing and the crik don't rise, all 39 will be up with full pictures!!!

Stop in!!!


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