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Oh that was me. I made it. Forgot to sign it. If you send it here, I'll fix that and get it back to you sometime in the next 90 yrs. no problem. of course I'll cover the shipping too since it was my bad. :-)

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There are a couple of guys in Texas that come to mind, but neither of them leave the pontils that open. Bob Powers and Fred Wilganoski both make that style. The pontil would be twisted without that big circle where the ribbons would twist together as the marble was finished at the pontil. I had not answered because I don't know. Edna

1 and 1/4 is about as big as Fred ever makes and Bob hasn't make marbles in a very long time. If you'd like I can ask Fred to take a look at it, but it will have to wait until we get home. I don't have his email addy with me.

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