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Nice Nail Shot.....

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Well Steve, I wasn't going to give his whole name! Maybe he'd like what we're saying about him as a man. I do have the scars from nail fungus on a thumb nail and mine doesn't look like that. I hope people don't notice it right off. I'd prefer to think he'd been working. Never poke fun at people for something they can't help. I'll never get rid of the scars from mine. Edna

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I'm just sayin'....well, when many folks are selling the same basic thing that presentation means more than the physical item. Why not just lay the marble down and take your pics? Why have 90% of your "money shot" be your unwashed raccoon's paw instead of the marble? I've had the above photo saved for years, not for the sake of the marble, which I really can't ID. It's from a legit ebay listing that just floored me when I saw it.

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