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Anacortes Bag


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It was in today's mail. Before it arrived I was sure I was going to open it. But at 9 inches tall, it's a little smaller in hand - meaning cuter - than I expected a bag with so many marbles to be. Now I don't know!



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The starting bid on this one was $23. That's what I got it for. No competition, so maybe they usually sell for less. But I'm very happy with this one.

Oh Edna, I'm torn. I'm probably going to open it. There's at least a couple in there I want to see closer, and I don't get that many chances to find loose ones! arrgggh

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Sure Ray. :-)

Yeah, but if you open it...what if you regret it? I'd tuck it away safe and sounds as is, but that's just me.

:-) Felicia

I've opened other bags. I've been okay with it so far, mostly. One bag only have I chosen not to open. The Fairygrand cat's eyes I was given recently, the "Empire Made" bag with the odd WL marking. (a mystery! and a cherished gift!)

I have a tin in which the Anacortes bag fits nicely as is. The tin is lined with 3 layers of bubblewrap. "If" I open the bag, I'll do it neatly and put it below the bubble wrap. The marbles will rest safely above. The collectible value will be lost, but the educational value will be saved. And I'll get to see the marbles.

My main regret in something like this has been my Bicentennial bags which I've opened and mixed in with other marbles. I got them early on and was overwhelmed with things to keep track of. Next bicentennial bag might actually stay closed but at the very least it will be specially repackaged for sake of preserving it's origin for myself and those who trust my labelling! :-)

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One bag only have I chosen not to open.

Not quite true ... I have a few other unopened bags I now recall, unopened for different reasons. But several open ones anyway. :-)

Darn, it's starting to be hard to keep track of all my marbles! Ugh, I have too many.

Okay. No more. Done collecting now.

:rol: :icon_lmao: :rol:

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Maybe you could get this one to open?


The bag says Peltier. But the marbles look like MK Banded Rainbows??

At least to me.


Cool one!

I've seen other MK/Pelt crossovers, especially in that style of packaging.

p.s., omigosh, those are some pretty rainbows!

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P.P.S., That's one bag I'd try not to open, in spite of the wasps!

But I might have to got out and buy half a dozen other wasps to keep me from being tempted to pull those out!

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ive dug those pelt bags at the paden city dumpsite...had a roll once that prob had 50 or so bags....they was in terrible shape...i think theyre in the garage someplace or not........i dug up a few bags w /marbles in em too mostly bananas....i sold a few and gave some away....as bonuses ......never found one with p&r tho....

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Supposedly Pink and Peltier had financial interests in each others' company. or so it has been said. don't know how formal that was.

hi, steph If you do open could you send me some close up group pictures? Stacy

Stacy, how's this for a start? Wrangling marbles on a scanner is tricky. Some features could be highlighted better but this is pretty close up ...

(click to enlarge)


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