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George Carter Collection Auction

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Who is George Carter, and what happened to him? Those are some beautiful mibs! Wow! Keeping my fingers crossed that money will fall from the sky and maybe I'll get down there for this auction!

Also noticed that this says Part 1, does that mean there will be a part 2 or 3? How many parts will there be?

God Bless

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George is fine, just having some health issues and decided it was time to sell! But when he bought, he bought everything! It will take 2 possibly 3 different auctions to get everything sold! We are going to spread them out a month apart.

Everything in the pics will be sold at the first auction, plus alot more that is not pictured!

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Awesome! I have high hopes that Uncle Sam will finally come through for me and give me my due, and my four years worth of back due. lol Should be anytime now, and hopefully (with all fingers and toes crossed) it will be before the second week in July. Hopefully... God let it be soon!

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