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Master Question

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These are from a Master box which sold on ebay awhile ago. What do you call this style of marble?

Patch, Sunburst, later Sunburst, something else, or nothing except "Master"?



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I'm intrigued there are a couple which might look like Vits. I've noticed that in other Master packaging - mibs which in a standalone ID would likely be called Vit.

I believed them to be Master but they sure made me do a double take.

I went through about 500 Masters recently making notes on them. That was an adventure. The mibs had been pre-id-ed as Masters by people at shows and so forth. I was only making notes on particular style names within the Master line. On several I had to say something like, "If indeed this is Master, it seems the style name would be Sunburst." Because in a standalone ID with just that marble and no source given, I wouldn't want to have been the one ID-ing the maker.

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I believe Mordiskul is correct.

Without having them in hand, I can not say with ANY certainty, however, at this time I would not bet against a Vitro (or 3) in that lot.

Here's a hint, anything in this style that is stringy purple.

Bet on Vitro.

Master's in that stringy purple tend to have lots more color than just the purple & clear.

Then again, they are all JUST marbles. Does it really matter WHO made them?

Let's just enjoy the marbles.


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