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Master Cats

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hey guys

i never saw one over 5/8 except for double ingots types and they were never nice enough to keep..but they were never that big... about 3/4 is the biggest master glass marble i have ever seen personally

hope it helps a little

i would like to see a pic too


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I especially prize Master cat's-eyes and pushing 3/4"ers is about the biggest I've seen. I especially like their generally undefined innerds. They defy description....really.

As for Marble King they had many in the 1" size and then in the late 1970s they did a special run for the ALL AMERICAN MARBLE SET which contained six big cat's-eyes each 1 3/16" approximately. Only two thousand of each kind were made. See my first ten postings of the CAT'S-EYE SERIES (must be on page 6 or 7 now) at Marble Mental for specifics on this unusual boxed set. I have a few incidentally(the mint boxed sets). David

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