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Rememeber When........

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I also posted a number of mibs in the ID section.

I got some input and am grateful but not every question was answered. David, you've answered some of them already at Marble Mental. I purposely posted on different boards though to get as many opinions as I could. Sometimes different groups have different naming traditions and I wanted to get a good feel for that.

In any case, more input would sure be welcome.


"lets all fight and argue." ???? Lots of people are trying to do more than fight. Acknowledging that wouldn't hurt.

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When you have a slowness about you that only allows you to weakly scan the 1st page of over 100 pgs. it's no wonder you wonder at the seeming paltriness of ID possibilities. Me thinks there's plentiful opportunities for cogent comments on long since gone threads that never truly were properly exhausted. Maybe I'll bring back pgs. 90-100 tomorrow and get all this stuff here on pg. 1 over to pg. 2 obscurity. Whadaya think? At least Mark Block deserves obscurity. David Chamberlain

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How about this David.......Kepp your pompous-butt attitude and your twenty-five cent words to yourself. You do not impress me sir with anything you post. As a matter of fact you are always negative and/or pompous in most of all of your responses. I would like for you to not comment towards me and believe me I will do you the same favor. I am tired now and must go wander into traffic.

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