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Clear Coats

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Steph touched on this topic in another thread...

Why do some Ebay Seller's marbles all look so darn Glossy???

Hypothetically speaking...I suspect they are clear coating them with a product like

Liquid Glass car polish or the like.

I have also heard of waxed marbles drying out and the gloss flakes off.

What are some tricks others have heard of???

& what to watch out for??

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no trick involved in my using cheesecloth mark. it brings out the luster of a mib better than a jewelers cloth or anything else i've used. home displays and on the road. doesn't " hide" a thing ... shines em fine B) ... bill

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My thoughts about clear coating marbles were pretty much limited to ceramics.

Might be able to find a better example in a tour of ebay but here's a hint of the unnatural gloss I started seeing a couple of years ago, I guess it was. I posted these in August of 2007. Compare the shiny brown ones to the non-shiny white ones.


And there were many weird reflections in different marbles in this thread which Paula commented on, Some Dug China's. Even that bull's eye in one of the close-ups. Looks like the hair on it is stuck under hairspray. The gloss on the felt tip mibs isn't "glaring" but why is it there at all?


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The reason I ask....

There is an Ebay seller (Not MarbleAlan)who sells 50 or 60 marbles a month.

They have 100% positive feedback. 95+% of their listings the marbles look dripping wet.

Almost oil covered. They just look to good to be true. It has me wondering...

I will not name names here but if anyone wants to discuss it PM me.

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