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I don't believe Vitro made any six-vane cats of this style. They made 4 and 5 vane

and then produced the cage-style for more vanes. This type of 6 vanes tended to be

made in the far east(ie. Japan) and by Vacor, although the Vacor ones usually didn't fill

as much of the marble.

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Ok another stupid question, cat's eyes have veins, these are the individual color strands, making a "banana" a single veined cat and a 8 veined an eight strand, right? then can a cat have veins in all the same and or all different colors. (i know not well worded - but recently got interested in "banana's" and anomaly cat's(one with bubbles or offset centers) thanks [email protected]

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Cat's eyes have "vanes". Yeah, I know that especially when looking at cage style cats the term "vein" seems to make a lot of sense. The cage style cats are a later development though. The word "vane" comes from the blade-like appearance of early cats, like the blades on a rotor or a weather vane.

Individual vanes can have more than one color within them.

And then of course some "cat's eyes" have a splintery structure which defy a vane count.

if I understand correctly

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