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Oops He's Doing It Again

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LOL, I think that was edited since the first time I saw it, back when there was still a buy-it-now. At least I think I would have recognized my name if it had been there, in red no less. I had read the description and noticed the sorta cagey wording. I thought about posting and asking just how many of these they've had since 1970, but naw, I decided to merely keep watching and filing the photos if I think to follow the ebay notices when they arrive in my inbox. Maybe one day some time in the future, I'll make an updated presentation on the state of their art. LOL. but I'm on vacation for now.

Ya know, I'm with Sue on these. They're kinda cool in their way. I mighta wanted one . . . if the seller had gone about it honestly. The skill to make Benningtons is admirable and the eagles are fun looking. Too bad the seller chose the route they did in presenting them to the world.


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Steph on your behalf & because I can't let a

sleeping flea bitten dog rest.

I asked this seller this ?

first his reply.

Dear thefleamusketeer,

your inferiority complex is none of my business, so why are you showing it to me ? if you cant understand what this means please go back to your marble forum and ask someone you trust to explain it to you ok. there are places you can go and people you can talk to so that you can get the professional help you need, but you wont find it at the marble connection or land of marbles.

- youhave2bid2win

my ?


Isn't the second or third of these that have been in your family?

The first one was one of a kind??

Now you have a second & a third?

You must be running out of clay?


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Thanks MM. lol. If you'd just sent me a sympathetic note I would have warned you not to go public with it though. These guys are vindictive. They've shown it in many ways. If you have something for sale be on guard - do all you can with delivery confirmation and insurance and such, I guess with everyone, because you don't know how many ID's these guys are operating under. If you say something about them here it they might bid on your auctions later, screw with the payment and give you negs, to pay you back for telling the truth about them.

This seller is connected to Pavcraz somehow. Pavcraz - under the name Mephitic - was the main person who defended the seller when the first Eagle Bennie was noticed on eBay. It was a neat trick. The Eagle Bennie seller was from Washington State and Pavcraz had supposedly found the only other known eagle bennie at a flea market - in Maine, was it? Kinda like where he 'found' some of his forged akro boxes. Later Pavcraz revealed he was connected to one or more problematic Washington State sellers. Possibly a familial relation.

eneeeewaaaaay, I think we might be up to five eagle bennies in public now. I'd have to doublecheck to be sure. a little hard to keep track since at least one of the appearances was one which had been returned from a dissatisfied buyer.

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