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Black X-Thru

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That's fantastic Jack! I don't recall seeing any posted before, and I think it's the black part that makes it special. White cross-thru's are probably more common, but black! Wow! You've definitely got a keeper there.

Thanx for sharing and have a great day!

:-) Felicia

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I've seen very few pictures of black crossthrough cat's-eyes. I have attached two of Patry's pics and one of Dave's (gretchka) from back in 2005 or so. You see some black vane cat's-eyes of various types but rarely the crossthrough types. The value is going to be what someone wants to pay for it. I'd be surpised if you haven't already received an offer or two.




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i guess they must really be scarce. is it just the black cross thru or the b,y,w combination? any idea on $ value? Thanks, Jack

It's just the black cross through. Far as value, I guess buyers would line up for $20 and many collectors would soul search at $50. A collector might talk themself into paying $70 but maybe not. These are estimates for mint btw; divide by 2 for each fleabite.

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