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Any Diaper Folds


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Well I was very excited earlier this weeek when I first saw this thread about diaperfolds.I had to wait till fri. to get pics,the first mib I took pics of,which I thought was a diaperfold wasn't.As I was about to post pics I literally tripped over the definition of diaperfold,meaning a marble with only one seam.Yikes,back to the pile and after all that,I found only three that met that critical criteria and they were all industrial-ugly compared to those beauties you posted.I have come to the conclusion that diaperfolds are rare!If a guy could just make some of those he'd be in bussiness!LOL.But by now I have invested time and energy and will not be posting pictures of a diaperfold but will post a picture of this (what looks like a) diaper-FULL.Oh,and by the way friend,that last pic you put up wuz a little fuzzy.bo


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