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Butt Crack

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I kinda did think it was "special", but for a backwards reason, namely that I'm not seeing Jabo.

I wouldn't mind having it for my collection of non-Jabo buttcracks. That collection is not quite as special as my non-CAC "diaperfolds", but I still think non-Jabo buttcracks are cool.

Before I learned the term "buttcrack", I thought of that structure as a "tulip", or maybe just a "flower".

there's the bud in the middle, and the stem, and two leaves on the side. :rolleyes: About as good as I ever learned to draw a flower as child. :P

I mean, I can't say it is impossible for it to be a Jabo, but to me it looks like a WV swirl.

Some of my "flowers":


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