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Akro Royal With Aventurine.

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Very nice eyelashes. :-)

I don't know what this one is. It could be Akro, I guess. However, eyelashes don't necessarily mean any particular maker.

"Pre-freese" is a notion which has caused many mistaken IDs. Ira Freese's inventions had nothing to do with eyelashes being there or not. Akro introduced corks in 1929 or early 1930. Patches a little later. The Ira Freese patent which people want to associate with eyelashes was from earlier in the 1920's, so it came before all of those. Thus none of these marbles are "pre-freese". They are all later. So "pre-freese" doesn't explain the eyelashes.

To the best of my understanding.

p.s., still very nice eyelashes!

And love that aventurine!

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So just like Miller's machine had nothing to do with the random pattern of the "Miller" swirl, the "eye lashes" were not fixed by the improvements made by Freese. So the names were not accurate in either regard.

But just like the Peltier Miller swirl, once the name sticks it is hard to get rid of.

Just as the Native American "Indians" :cool-smileys-262:

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There's something to that comparison.

I don't have any strong feelings about the Miller swirl. I just know I don't have any.

Unfortunately, the pre-Freese label leads to mixed up id's. With Miller you at least know you're in the Peltier family.

The pre-Freese label leads some people to advertise their corkscrews as from 1920. That may only be 10 years off but that was a pretty pivotal 10 years for the company. And it leads some people to see eyelashes and conclude Akro. I know I used to do that. When I learned that Masters could also have eyelashes it increased my Master collection. lol

er, I mean, good point. Love that aventurine! LOL :rolleye-842:

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Now that you mention it I do have some sunburst that had some lashes. I did forget about that.

So for a more accurate original post it was the absence of the palpable "v" shaped seem that one expects to find on Master marbles plus the presence of "lashes".

Then I did what any astute marble expert would do...... I got a confirmation from MarbleAlan! :music-rocker-001:

Marblemiser, nice aventurine on that!

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Actually this is really what a ROYAL looks like>

At least that's what I've been told.

Then again what do I know?


I don't know nuthin either but I got two of these in my "mystery marble" box. They're kinda nice, whatever they are.

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