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Ignore Option?

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How do you get to the Messenger? Do you get there by clicking on a triangle up in the top right corner, to the right of your name?

When I click on that triangle I get an option to "Manage Ignored Users".

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Pete m8, you are not part of the problem, i was speaking in terms of people who have a problem with me and like to obsess and harass me, i enjoy helping people out. This has been an on going problem for awhile so i decided to ignore the Attackers, Bashers, Harassers, and otherwise people who can't be civil rather than leave and stop posting, if we leave and stop posting and having fun then they have done there job. I just don't lay down that easy.

As to your everybody starts out an idiot, i agree just some get stuck on idiot and can't find there way back ;)

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