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which camera did you buy duff?,maybe someone can help on the settings,, i bought a finepix s1000 a yr ago and used it once because i couldnt get the macro to work right, then i got a sony cd mavica and found that if i set the image size to 1280 x 960 and back the camera up to about 12 inches away, snap the picture then use a photo cropping program to box just the marble the size transforms to a regular picture, that way if you use a flash it doesnt wash the colors out,,,, bj,, bj

heres shots at twelve inches away cropped



then a shot with flash at 12 in.


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try putting the fstop to about an 8....

I also have a mavica cd BJ. love it. but you can get it within about 6 inches if the fstop is at 11. no wash out either. I use mine at a 1600X1200. Hate to learn new tricks... will buy another just like the one I have..off ebay.lol at least I can still find them for about half the price. :-)

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