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Where Do They Come From??

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Just wondering where these marbles are



There seems to be dozens on ebay.

Along with more nothing mibs for .59. How does

one make $$ selling these mibs for $1.04 & .99 cents??

The amount of junk on the bay is amazing?

any thoughts??


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Just the way this guy babbles on and on you know you're getting into deep do do no matter what he says. I can only imagine how hilarious it would be to reach an understanding if you were disappointed with what you received. Is there a funny farm somewhere where they grow types like this? David

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That seller just puts them out there. Some are 'junk' but some are vintage and unusual so people buy them. Likewise for the newer type like this one - pretty marble. Not a bad place to keep an eye on but you run through a hundred to find one or two worth bidding on.

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