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Mica Question


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Just came in and I know very little about most handmades.

This Amber mica seems to be "flooded" with mica.

It's 1 3/8". One pontil mark is evident and the other is there but very smooth.

The amber makes the mica appear almost gold.

The mica is near the surface. The core is bubble-filled and has a filament core.

Does the abundance of mica affect the value up or down?

I don't believe I've seen one with this much coverage of mica.

Thanks for any help.




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Heck, I would offer a ten spot............ :rolleye-842:

Just my opinion here, I have found the more mica the higher the price.

Now add condition, if mint, you got one nice mib :jumping-1020:

WOW, now you add the larger size and Ta-Da :party-243:

Your in the money! ! ! !


how much does something like that beauty run?

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I suggest that you look in Bob Block's book MARBLES(Identification and Price Guide) under Micas. This will give you a running start on what you have. How the market has been of late I don't know but it appears that you have a lot going for you with this marble due to size and the distribution of mica. If it is in fact a single pontil that would be a plus. David

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