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So Close!!!


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i keep a few pelts now and then...lol....and i stumbled into 4 of comics on Proxibid once for about $30 a piece, so i thought what the heck!! it has certainly been a process, and i didn't think i'd ever get the Kayo, but stumbled onto that one very (VERY) cheaply at the KC show....(seems like i might be a bit drunk with all this stumbling.)

now i just need to get the box....which the repos cost more than the marbles...i guess i should have a few drinks! lol


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Ahhhhhhh, so close indeed!!! LOL

My first comic was an Emma. It came in a pair of mason jars that I bought at an auction... This was "pre-marble book" era... So, I had no idea what it was!!

My Mom looked at it and said, "Hey, I had one like that!!" She went into a trunk of her old "memories" and pulled out an Akro marble bag, with (amongst other things...) a Bimbo!!

I collected up to 11... I think I needed a Koko?? Then, for some reason, I ditched the whole idea and sold all but the original Emma & Bimbo....

Keep up the search and Good Luck!!!! :cool-smileys-262:

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