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Americans At Tinsley Green


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Good Friday is coming up. That means marbles at Tinsley Green. I just got a great book written by Sam McCarthy-Fox about the games, Good Friday Marbles: Tinsley Green and More. (Thank you Sam!)

I also heard from Debra Stanley-Lapic - National Marbles Champ 1973 and proud mom of Whitney (NMC 2009). They're going to be playing in the games . . . and visiting with Sam. :-) Debra has played there before. She won as part of the American team in 1993. This year it will just be Debra and Whitney from the U.S. so they'll be playing on a British team.

AND they're playing Jabo ambassador. They have a 25 pounds of Jabos to share with teams from other countries. They're having to split them up between the whole family's luggage so they won't be over the weight limit. LOL

Check out this article about Whitney in the Reading Eagle, Marbles champ follows mom's international path. There are 3 pix in the article, one of Whitney and Debra - and two of Jabos - Jabos lying in thick white sand. That appears to be a big difference between marbles here and there - playing in thick sand. Check it out.


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Weather forecast for the tournament:

49 degrees, 80% chance of rain, 10-20 mph winds !!!

Good news: they're playing on a team with the town mayor and her husband.

And they have gloves to try to keep out the cold.

It is going to be a day to remember in more ways than one. lol

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Oh WOW!!!!! I'm probably just a bit too late to wish you luck, Debra & Whitney!!

I wish I could be there!!! I hope you showed those Brits that a couple of women from the US could whip their butts!!!

If you see this before, ENJOY the party!! (Isn't there a roast pig involved???)

We're proud of you!!! ;)

PS... I'm forwarding this thread to Bert Cohen... If he hasn't already, I'm sure he sends his love!!!

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After 11 hours of playing . . .

their team made it to the quarterfinal.

Whitney got 2nd in the women's individual division.

Debra got 2nd in the over 50 division.

And Debra got to the overall top players division.

Debra's shooter was "killed". I don't know what that means!

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