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Ot: What's Your Best April Fool's Day Joke Ever?


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What's your best April Fool's Day joke ever, or best anyday prank?!!

Feel free to embellish! No one is gonna know! :P

p.s., is Google changing its name to Topeka an April Fool joke?

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My cat was born on April Fools day. Growing up, mom always had us make pancakes with a string in them for Dad. Dad always (acted) fooled and what not. Later I realized that the only time Mom was ever up early cooking breakfast was on April Fools day. We always ate cold cereal the other 364 days. LOL

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It was April Fools Day- way back when. I was 21 my, youngest brother Kenny was 12 years old at the time. My wife and I invited Ken over for Spaghetti Dinner. It was the first time he was coming to our apartment for a meal.

Chris had a sumptuous meal all set on the table when he showed up. There was Spaghetti, Meat Balls, Tomato Sauce, Italian Bread and right in the middle of the table a large plastic shaker can with it's label clearly marked TURTLE FOOD.

Kenny saw it right away. He knew we had a pet store turtle -Flash- in an aquarium. His eyes were popping out of his head.

We all plated our Spaghetti with lots of sauce and meat balls.

I then picked up the Turtle Food can and sprinkled it all over my food. I passed the can to Chris and she also sprinkled the can on her food. My brother started to turn a little green- he was next for the Turtle Food can.

"No Thanks" "I'll eat mine like this.."

When I took the can and sprinkled it all over his Spaghetti he almost left the table.

I took a few bites of my Spaghetti and said "Come on, eat" "You'll like it."

We had filled the can with Kraft Parmesan Cheese before he arrived.

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back whaen i was 16 or 17 we had a garage with a trough that caught the water coming off the roof on the backside , well me and a buddy of mine had one of them brain storm ideas i wished we never would have thought of,, the next door neighbor had a collie that always drank out of the trough then proceed to take this big steaming pile of, well, you know what on our yard,, so this buddy and me figured we fix this dog and poured some gasolene in the trough hoping the dog would get the hint we didnt like the piles he left, screwed up our football game big time,, anyway the dog drank from the trough took his daily doo doo and layed down in front of the garage, we watched him for a while like 20 minutes or so later this dog jumps up and starts running round and around the garage like you never seen a dog run before, after about 5 minutes of running he went behind the shed and never came back around,, man did we feel bad after that, worse april fool joke ever played on an animal,,, bj

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I love it! Nice one Big John!

He plays an April Fools Joke on a chat about April Fools Jokes!

Big John wrote:

No silly, He ran out of gas,,, bahahahahahahahahah,, april fools,,, bj

Ya gotta wonder, was Steph in cohoots?

or just taken by John's cleverness?

Yep, hook, line and sinker!

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