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Hi all! The West Virginia Marble Festival in Cairo, WV is held on the first Saturday in May according to my marble book "Popular American Marbles". That would put it on May 1st. Is this correct?

The WVMCC show is in Mineral Wells, WV on May 8th. If the dates are correct, I'll have to make a decision on which to attend as I can only get away for one weekend this year. Is one event better for selling? Better for buying?

It is not my intent to cause any hard feelings or conflict between the people/parties involved in these events. I just need to plan on hiring someone to work for me, make some hotel reservations, etc.

Thanks - Gail in NY

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Double check on those dates on any one of a number of the marble boards that have current information usually highlighted in a Thread at the top of the main page. I hope you aren't attempting to accomplish most of your IDing with POPULAR AMERICAN MARBLES because Schiffer sabotaged that book with their state-of-the-art photographic equipment that someone obviously didn't know how to operate. Even the authors of the book have disowned it! David

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I already looked up the show date for the WVMCC. It came from the flyer fisherman Griff posted. ( Hey griff- you heard anything from Robert lately?) I can find no info for the Cairo Marble Festival. That's why I asked my question.

Thanks for the reply.

Anyone else know anything about the Cairo festival?


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The Cairo show is May 1,2010. Of course,i am biased and do not want any conflict. They are both nice shows. It depends on what you are looking for in a show? Cairo show is somewhat smaller but lots of history is exchanged. It is a small hometown community show,with local marble people. A few make the trip from out of state each year. It is a close knit group with most who return each year. Average 12-15 tables of dealers. The Sistersville show and the WVMCC show came about after this one. From what i have now,the friday night get togther has been moved to Weston at the glass museum. It is about 1 1/2 hr drive away. There is no in room trading at this show. Lodging is limited.

The WVMCC show is the normal,in room trading wed,thur,friday at the hotel. Marble games for the children. All the conviences near by. A wide range of marbles and dealers. Best maybe 35-40 dealer tables,slow times maybe 20-25 dealer tables. WVMCC annual club meeting and officers election,friday evening. Silent auction items. Dealers from different states. The cut off date for the blocked rooms together for the marble group was April 6. Saturday show in the conference room,in the hotel Check the flyer in the show information.

Both are short distances from many of the old marble factory sites. Fenton Glass is nearby and gives tours,etc. Jabo is also nearby. You never know who may show up at both or either show. Past company owners,relatives,workers,etc.

Come join the fun ! I plan to spend a lot of time at both.

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Here's what was posted on one of the other boards about the Cairo Show:


The West Virginia Marble Festival in Cairo will be held in the Community Building on Saturday May 1, 2010 from 10 AM until 3 PM - -Admission is free to all participants and marble dealers may set up starting at 8 AM.

There is no charge to the public for admission.

Buying, selling and trading of marbles of all kinds are part of the program.

Free marble identification available- - so bring yours.

Wonderful food will be available for purchase on site.

Road work on Main Street so follow the signs for free parking.

There will be no Friday night event this year at RC Marshall Hardware. However, there will be a marble presentation and education program at the West Virginia Museum of American Glass in Weston from 11 AM until 4 PM on Friday April 30.

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THANKS guys! They both sound great but I can only get away from my campground one weekend this season. I'll plan on attending the WVMCC show if you all will have me. Sometimes I don't know how to act in public but I'll give it my best effort :D

Hey duffy- need another bag of Nestle's catseyes? Sure had fun at the New Philly show that year. Maybe the ice mine guy will be there too. He was a hoot and had great marbles!

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